Professional Training for Therapists

Extend your therapeutic range
Work with high functioning clients
Provide unique results

Supercharge your practice with this suite of cutting edge treatment protocols by understanding the “missing link” between biology and psychology. Learn the theory and practical applications of sub cellular psychobiology in order to integrate why power therapies like EFT and others work.

Peak States Therapy ties in with the deep rooted desires of your clients for happiness and betters states of being. They are also helpful with clients who present with issues resistant to EFT and other healing modalities. Being able to provide this will make your work even more satisfying.

This course is uniquely structured for mature EFT Therapists, Hypnotherapists, EMDR Therapists, TIR Therapists and other practitioners who are attracted to this work and who can align with the ultimate goal of the ISPS of bringing better quality of life to mankind. We believe this training is a calling rather than just another therapy to add to your list.

TreeLearn, practice and network in a relaxed location with a maximum of four of your peers with Ingka Malten, an expert in the field of Peak State consciousness.

Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to achieve your own Peak State as you learn new techniques to guide your clients to achieve the same.


Read what previous attendees are saying about the training HERE.

Course Topics Include:

  • Triune Brain Therapy
  • Basic Whole-Hearted Healing™
  • Diagnosis of Subcellular Cases
  • More Healing Techniques
  • Core Issues
  • Peak States and Practical Application



If this resonates with you, schedule a free 30 minute chat with Ingka for more information.





Training under the auspices of the International School of Subcellular & Developmental Psychobiology.




  1. This is Athena Chepernich, I emailed you today about my son. I was reading the class prerequisites again and was wondering your pricing for: 3 WHH sessions, structural damage and the life path process. Thank you. Also, if you have a date for your next class.

    1. Hi Athena, I sent you an email going into more personal detail regarding working with your son. Also, it looks as though I will be doing another training early in 2017, probably a residential training in Germany with some of the lectures taking place online. I’ll keep you posted!

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